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The Scratch (Show) Wiki is a fantastic wiki with plenty of characters, episodes, settings and more! Scratch is a abridged show created by YossonXD starting with the chaotic, genocidal, pure evil dictator Zorthenport, The Creator Of Chaos who wants to get humanity extinct, Make the Earth his own alien exoplanet, And destroy/stop heroism for villainous reasons. But his enemies cannot stop him from doing that not even the heroes of the series including Barney Calhoun. But the show is rated TV-MA because it contains adult humor, sexual violence, and strong language above the series. So no kids allowed on this wiki unless you're age 18 or higher.

NOTE: Do not add random pages that are not fanon characters, settings, episodes and more stuff, Or it will be deleted by the creator for various reasons. So create a character or a setting, episode and more stuff you could create as fanon. Remember, This is a ultimate rule of the Scratch (Show) Wiki.

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Featured Character
Zorthenport potrait

Zorthenport The Creator Of Chaos, Also known mostly as Villain The First is the main protagonist of Scratch. He was the administrator of cartoon worlds, game worlds, story worlds and movie worlds, president of Austzorth Public, and the leader of the Alien Human Containment Bionic Military. He was also the true ruler of the observable universe. He had been planning new pure evil plans lately for years to make Earth into a alien exoplanet called Zorth-15a full of alien life. And he was the most colossal titan in the world. It was his titan, The Overworld Titan.

Zorthenport drastically turned from a intelligent kid to a offensive villainous dictator because of how obsessively smart of his power is. Zorthenport is colossally old at the total age of 114. He's completely genocidal and pure evil, Because he was an terrorist causing treason to other universes for his security of extraterrestrial life and his evil organization, Trying to make humanity extinct so Earth will be his alien exoplanet called Zorth-15a.

Zorthenport was also an Titan Shifter that started him going to his time machine and traveled way back to the year 854, He took the titan serum and instantly injected himself. And he was turned into a Pure Titan. His titan ran to Reiner Braun and ate him with a violent chomp, stealing the Armored Titan power.

Zorthenport is also the leader of the The Fuckzeros. Zorthenport is such a unkillable god because he is a zorth, And Zorthes cannot die. He is a omnipresent villain that can destroy any world that he is a master of, Even a universe or the whole multiverse. Zorthenport was known as being a communist offending wars and battles with his strong powers, abilities and weapons to defeat a enemies behind in Siberia. People around the world were colossally scared of him because they cannot kill Zorthenport and how strong he is, Even aliens on other worlds of the observable universe were scared of him too. Zorthenport later than killed more than quadrillion people, animals, creatures and aliens upon his complete monstrous plans and missions. Zorthenport's most evil action that he will do is to stop heroism. Also, He has needs to defeat Eren Yeager and his friends and allies.

Zorthenport is the only featured character, So read it at your own risk
The Show Info

The presidential chaos of the universe, corruption, politics gone wrong, wars, legends and catastrophes were going on all over the universe including the planet earth, The universe was ruled by a chaotic, genocidal, pure evil dictator named Zorthenport, who wants to make humanity extinct, making the Earth his own alien exoplanet, and destroy/stop heroism for all eternity for his villainy and goals. But a hero named Barney Calhoun has the hold up to stop Zorthenport from evil-doing, And other villains during the period of evil.


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